25. Because Derek Jeter Is About to Become a Publishing Mogul

Derek Jeter is signed through 2014, but last month he announced an unlikely post-baseball venture: a Simon & Schuster imprint called Jeter Publishing, which will bring out books ranging from biographies and business books to picture books for children. And what is Jeter himself reading these days? He gave us a peek at his Kindle:

By Andre Agassi

“I am interested in well-written autobiographies about interesting people in all walks of life. I like learning about things that help tell a larger story about who someone is and what trials and tribulations they may have gone through to get to where they are.”

The Tender Bar
By J.R. Moehringer

“J.R. wrote Open with Agassi. He is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, and I heard that Agassi actually asked J.R. to write Open after reading The Tender Bar. I also heard it is an amazing memoir.”

By Malcolm Gladwell

“He’s known to write books that discuss human behavior and the sociology of why we do the things we do. I believe in Blink there is a certain revelation on what really goes into decision-making. I’ll know more after I read it.”

25. Because Derek Jeter Is About to Become a Publ […]