23. Because Tonight Could Be the Night …

… To See Some Reptiles Ashley Evens, 34, and Marco Louison, 23
Marco: We’re going to go hang out with some reptiles and smoke some crack.
Ashley: No, we don’t do that anymore. Well, the crack part. The reptiles we still do.
I imagine the crack would make the reptiles seem even crazier.
Actually, it makes you devoid of feeling, so you aren’t afraid of them.
What kind of reptiles are you going to hang out with? Well, probably not any legit reptiles tonight. We might just watch the movie Anaconda. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Make Some Memories Brittanie Brown, 24
I’m moving to Sweden to dance for a company in Gothenburg. It’s my second-to-last night.
It must be bittersweet.
It’s crazy to be leaving it as soon as I start to feel like I know my spots, I have my friends.
So what are your hopes for tonight?
Just get the most out of it. It’s like trying to condense the eight years that I’ve been here into a few hours, and to say, “All right, this is it.” Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Get Picked Up Bryant Throckmorton, 26, and Ian Brown, 26 (not pictured)
Bryant: Tonight we’re going to party a little bit. There are to be girls. Two of the guys already found the girls for the night. I got a girlfriend, so I have to be good, so I’m just going to drink by myself and be on Facebook. Hopefully we’ll find us someone to buy us some drinks and have a good time.
You said they found girls? How?
Ian: They’re just Rico Suave motherfuckers. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Fall in Love Kayla Tangeman, 18, and Lauren Kozlowski, 24
Kayla: I’m going over to an apartment where I used to live. He doesn’t really know it yet, but I’m crushing on a little British boy over there.
Does he know you’re coming over? No. It’s the element of surprise.
And lipstick assistance is necessary.
Yes, if you’re going to show up at someone’s door. You need to look nice. As John Lennon said, “Life happens while you’re making plans.” If we would have planned, we would have had some lip liner. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Drink Some Tequila Rainer Judd, 43
I was just drinking tequila and Instagramming it.
What were your hopes for the night?
To have a really nice dinner with these two ladies who make tequila. We’ve been trying to meet up for a year.
What did you talk about?
Work, life, creative projects. It was very inspiring. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Make Something Happen Deréon Fierce, 22, and Brandon John, 20
Deréon: Just probably hang around, shop a little DSW. Just hang out by Union Square.
Why Union Square?
There’s usually, like, skaters or artists or people outside”just the scenery itself.
What are your hopes for the night?
Wow. If some money would pop up that would be nice. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

… To Follow Someone Home D. Oscar Horner, 23
My friend was playing a show at the Cake Shop, and I am going to follow him home for the night and see what happens.
What do you hope happens?
I don’t think I want to say that. Okay, I want to go home with him tonight. Kind of, or I don’t know. I just want to get back to Brooklyn tonight.
Find a warm bed?
Well, it’s either mine or his.
What else do you hope happens tonight?
Just having a good time. I work so fucking much. Photo: Katie Van Syckle

23. Because Tonight Could Be the Night …