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1. Because We Were All Taylor Swift Once

Your reaction to “Welcome to New York,” the catchy, soulless debut track on Taylor Swift’s record-­smashing 1989, probably correlates to how long you’ve lived in the city. If you hate it—that empty synth beat, the grating optimism of lyrics like “The lights are so bright but they never blind me”—you’re a seasoned New Yorker with a sharp understanding of culture; if you love it, you’re an NYU freshman.

Swift, who bought a lavish two-story penthouse in Tribeca in April and was ordained New York’s official “global welcome ambassador” just months later, is proof that no amount of money or fame can dull the thrill of being a young person moving to the city for the first time.

“I approached moving there with such wide-eyed optimism and sort of saw it as a place of endless potential and possibilities,” she told Good Morning America in October. So far, Swift has Instagrammed praise for brick walls and front stoops, One WTC, and the cookies at Levain Bakery.

Of course, that feeling of urban awe is a freshly transplanted New Yorker’s rite of passage; another, more popular rite is promptly forgetting how being new to the city feels, adopting a pose of world-weariness, and mocking the naïveté of newcomers. But remember how fun it was when you, too, were Taylor and so excited to be here? Here’s 48 more reasons to remind you.