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Because Our Mayor and Our Governor Will Turn a Dispute Over, Say, Tax Abatements Into Bloodsport

Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo  

February 23:
Cuomo: “This will be the best relationship between a mayor and governor in modern political history when all is said and done.”

May 27:
De Blasio: “I don’t know many leaders of the executive or legislative branch anywhere that ignore millions and millions of people and think it will not have a consequence.”

June 24
A “top Cuomo-administration official”: De Blasio is “bumbling and incompetent.”
Cuomo, the next day: “Sometimes it’s a little faster to talk off the record, as you know.”

June 30:
De Blasio: Cuomo’s actions were “revenge for some perceived slight.” Cuomo’s office: “For those new to the process, it takes coalition-building and compromise to get things done in government. We wish the mayor well on his vacation.”

August 16:
De Blasio’s office: “What about the state’s performance? … What has the state been doing to prevent [Legionnaires’] disease?”

November 25:
Cuomo spokesman: It’s “clear the mayor can’t manage the homeless crisis.”