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Because We Don't Care About First Impressions

Yelp reviews of New York’s travel hubs.

LaGuardia Airport "Terminal B is probably the most depressing place ever.” Kenny C., Brooklyn “If there was one word I could use to sum it up it would probably be … scuzzy. Yup, scuzzy fits the bill … I feel like I need to take a long hot shower after coming out of this airport.” Faiza K., North York, Ontario “La Guardia is the definition of hell.” Stephanie Q., New York, New York “The baggage-claim area stunk to high heaven.” Jaimee A., Manhattan “The fact is I’ve been to Third World airports and they are far better than LGA.” David N., Brooklyn

Port Authority “Typically, I like to break my reviews into categories, offer a brief summary followed by a detailed review and share overall conclusions. No need for any of that here — I can summarize my advice on passing through Port Authority in a single word: DON’T.” Adam H., Toronto “Observe all the buckets catching water drips during the next rainstorm — just classic!” Paul M., Wayne, New Jersey “Images of expressionless hurdles of humans in a rush trampling over everybody and anybody with an ever-haunting smell of piss. Every now and then, you can catch the terror in someone’s face who didn’t know not to come here.” Daya A., Queens “A great and terrible evil resides in this place. Something dark, foul, something that shakes one’s fortitude to its core.” Sean E., Centerport, New York

Penn Station “Dim, confusing, low, catacombs, and a horrible nervous lethargy of both passengers and travelers alike. Me not like. At all.” John B., Manhattan “Intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy will never make contact with Earth for as long as this place exists. It’s just too much of a risk that their advanced species would somehow be destroyed if it came into contact with such blight and awfulness.” Christopher K., East Brunswick, New Jersey “It smelled bad and I guess that’s normal for New York. I still don’t like that.” Shareen K., Salt Lake City