Circular Towers
- Arthur Berger, Tallahassee, Florida

From a circular pedestrian plaza, three curved structures rise. Each of the three structures is of a different height.

The tallest structure has the smallest footprint, and the lowest structure has the largest footprint. Ideally, the positive space consisting of the towers, and the negative space between and above the towers (up to the height of the tallest structure) would be equal symbolizing balance.

The plaza would consist of either a blossoming of the street into the circular pedestrian plaza, or an elevated circular pedestrian plaza one or more levels above the street. If elevated, the pedestrian plaza would be of a translucent material and would be illuminated from below.

The light from the floor of the pedestrian plaza would symbolize those who went before us and contributed to making the city a great cultural and economic center. Therefore, those walking across the plaza, in the evening, would be touched by the light of those who went before us. One street will pass through an arch carved into the lowest of the three structures.

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