- Alice Stephenson

Below design from one side looks like 11/6 but most everybody knows from this venue you can't see 9/11 as everybody else does. Similarly, you can't depend that everybody will always see things like you do and thus this is the perfect design to remind us life is perception and misperception based on right and wrong perspective of individual(s) and dogma(s) and not always the same as our own.

Nine raised a couple of feet off ground, loop of nine a cement pond with U.S. flag rising from center and pool interior painted with flags of every country.

Bronze slash with all the names of each American hero lost. Ones in marble or mosaic to look like World Trade Centers I and II.

A nurturing, oasis park-like area with impeccable landscaping and a few benches swings too since the wind at September 11, 2002, ground zero memorial was so special to the survivors.

Ceramic oval photos, like you see at cemeteries, of each American hero lost lining walls on first floor. Elevators to upper floors of twin towers on first floors painted to look like twin towers or like a hologram.

Two buildings dedicated to those lost in the World Trade Centers and one building for Pentagon and one for Pennsylvania with a chapel in each for survivors of American heroes lost. A place to unite by a tragedy that united us all. If rent has to be twice as high to accommodate space lost in favor of safety, well, our most valuable stock is human life.

State-of-the-Art Security.

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