The New Scene: Where the Young, Groovy Wild Things Are

Photo: Roxanne Lowit

For the last few Wednesdays, a certain fashionable crowd has descended on Chloë 81, an underground bar on Ludlow Street. The party, called “The Ivy,” is hosted by Mike Townsend and Jared McHugh Flint, who threw the first one in September to celebrate the end of Fashion Week with their friends. It’s now virtually impossible to get in.

1. Mike Townsend

2. Steve Rojas
Aya Kanai
Fashion editor

3. Jules Kim
Jewelry designer
“I went out to smoke, and apparently there was a punch thrown while I was gone.”

4. Gregory Lynch
“I showed up thinking it was my night to work, but someone else is D.J.-ing!”

5. Jared McHugh Flint
Fashion editor
“I just overheard a guy I’d never seen before on the phone telling his friends, ‘Say “Jared Flint” at the door.’ ”

6. Jasper Pope
Peggy McDonnell
Styling assistant
PEGGY:“Jasper spilled my drink all over me! It was a whiskey sour, so gross.”
JASPER: “I recovered, though, and bought her a new one, so she’s not that pissed.”

7. Morgan Collett
Fashion sales manager
Josh Rosen
Store designer
Patrick Delaney
Kat BerkeryFashion buyer

8. Annabel Tollman
“I haven’t run into any of the people I expected to see here, but I’ve had something like ten drinks.”

9. Kay Goldberg
RISD student
Tess Brokaw
New School student
KAY: “We started the night at a casting-agency party, then went to The Box for a V magazine party, and we’ll go to the Beatrice Inn late night.”

The New Scene: Where the Young, Groovy Wild Things Are