Artifact: Fax It Loud

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Letters from James Brown to Universal Attractions, the agency that handled his booking. Jeff Allen (the recipient of most of the letters below) worked for Brown for more than 25 years and recently said he’s planning to write a memoir about the experience. (All text, including the transposed “Godfather of Soul” acronym, is reprinted verbatim.)

July 16, 1998
Mr. Jeff Allan
Universal Attractions
225 W. 57th Str. 5th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Allan:

You are a fantastic, a fine gentleman, and you will be a multi-millionaire very soon. I hope your family will come back because you are too good of a man to be without one.

You are a clean, fair, intelligent man, and one that I can trust, there’s very few.

I hope to do business with you for the next twenty-five(25) or thirty(30) years. I may slow down, but I won’t quit.

My main agency is Universal Attractions, Jeff Allen, and the staff. Tell your brother to get me a new limo, so that I can ride to Hampton.

Best regards and God Bless You,

Your friend,

James Brown.

P.S. Please try to book Tomi Rae because I believe in you, and she believes in you.

July 20, 1998
Mr. Jeff Allan
Universal Attractions
225 W. 57th Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Re: Bookings

Dear Mr. Allen:

I can not continue to do business with you, do not book me in Europe anymore, unless you get someone to travel with me and the band from the beginning to end. You must have someone to meet me at the airport like decent people. I will not be treated like the Big “N”. If you can not book me decent, I do not want you to book me anymore. In the beginning you were doing a good job, in one(1) week there was a major change, all of the business is messed up.

They were filming all of the shows, and we had no control on stopping them. The next time you give them permission to film there will be a lawsuit and Disney will defend me. Please do not insult my integrity, and please do not disrespect me ever again.


James Brown

June 14, 2000
Mr. Jeff Allen
Universal Attractions
225 West 57th Street
New York, N.Y. 10019

RE: Europe Dates

Dear Mr. Allen:

I told you from the beginning that I could not do all those dates. I will accept 10 days out of 14 days or I must CANCEL due to health problems, diabetes. I have no problem as long as I eat correctly. I want to do the dates but only 10 out of 14. I have a lot of fans over their that is loyal to me as you are old. I am a man and a man of my word. I repeat, I repeat, please do what I say to avoid a national and international conflict with our country America and Europe.

My respect to you and the people in Europe especially her Majesty the Queen and her family.


James Brown, G.S.O.F.

God Bless you and see that this is done correctly.

August 24, 2000
Mr. Jack Bart
Universal Attractions

Dear Mr. Bart:

As of this date, any dates that Mr. Jeff Allen is talking about or in the process of booking are cancelled—or Universal Attractions can cease any booking for me.

Mr. Bart, talk to lawyer, Mr. Ross. As of this day, as you read this FAX—this means that Mr. Allen is out. I will let my promoters know that Mr. Allen is finished. Mr. Bradley will get 3% of this date (Morocco), because it was his date to begin with.

As of this date, Mr. Jeff Allen is totally out. Any dates he had booked are cancelled, unless he changes the name to Jack Bart. As of this date, I, James Brown, CEO of James Brown Enterprises, reject and will reject any date that Mr. Jeff Allen has his name on. 10% commission of any future dates will go to you. Any dates for more than that will be checked out by the FBI, or whoever concerned.

Thank you,
Mr. James Brown

Artifact: Fax It Loud