Artifact: Letters From a Stalker

Photo: Patrick/Globe Photos

Jack Jordan’s romantic interests were on full display last week at the New York State Supreme Court, where he stands accused of stalking the actress Uma Thurman. Prosecutors called Thurman’s father, Columbia professor Robert Thurman, to read aloud a series of e-mails he received from Jordan. They are excerpted below.

February 7, 2005
Today the center of my forehead is ticking now and then. I feel in love with your daughter Uma. I see myself in history, but also uprooted. My thoughts range from abandoned to intimately linked with everything…

Often lately these thoughts include you, and you are teaching me. At times they include Uma, and when I see her or hear her voice I feel very much in love, like she and I refound each other. I imagine us in a cave a long time ago, Shiva-Parvati carved or mummified in that stone temple with the elephant outside of it. You know the one?…

March 5, 2005
I feel much more hostility from reading your words than I felt in myself as I wrote to you… However, maybe hostility is a good thing, adding fuel to the fire. Burn, baby, burn. We are all prawns on the barbie…

April 16, 2005
Of course we’ve never met, Uma, but hopefully your dad can explain some of this to you. Until two nights ago, our voices had become so familiar to each other that we were watching The Tonight Show together without flipping channels during the commercials, and then Conan O’Brien. Sometimes we’d start at 11 with The Daily Show and Howard Stern. However, your voice has grown very faint and the only thing that keeps me from going “down by the river and waiting to die” is a feeling of your nearness and sometimes a whisper from you, the voice of your father or my own intuition (a.k.a. God)…

A question about Kill Bill. If Bill killed you in the chapel, how did he end up with your healthy daughter at the end of the movie? Was a part of the film an extended hallucination? I’m not an obsessed fan, but I watched Kill Bill for the second time in my life last December. I interpreted most of the socially significant symbols, and also fell in love with you. When you said, “Wiggle your big toe,” I did. I’m such an idiot…

April 17, 2005
Okay, that’s it for now, I guess. I love you maybe. I love all your movies. I think your hands are beautiful. And I can’t try to describe what I feel for you. It’s a mystery, I guess.

April 29, 2005
Happy Birthday, Uma. Where are you? Love, Jack.

May 19, 2005
I’ve decided for the moment to describe some of what has happened to me since late November 2004 to you all in the hope of accomplishing one or several things. The first and most important of these is to either destroy or confirm the spiritual connectedness that I still feel I have with Uma. … I want to emphasize that I’m not a stalker, though at this point I’m happy to accept the moniker of “obsessed fan.”

September 21, 2005
I apologize and regret the course of our relationship because I involved your family in problems that weren’t your responsibility and because I invaded your privacy. I hope you understand my position. I still love your daughter, and I hope that is not an insult or troubling. We both know there are many different qualities of love. She is a beautiful woman, and my interactions with your family have reflected also many nice qualities in you yourselves.

However, I’ll confine myself to the normal healthy conduits someone like me uses to express such poorly founded emotions: fan mail, fan forums, looking at her pictures and things like that. Until these feelings leave me, I suppose.

So again, sorry for any ill will I may have caused, and I hope your life is going well.

Artifact: Letters From a Stalker