Artifact: Spending W.’s Money

Park Slope resident Rudy Adler recently wondered how his fellow Americans would be spending their tax rebates. So he started, where hundreds of people have shared tales of their spoils. Selections below.

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“This is the George W. Bush Memorial Dyson. I wanted to buy something that will suck as hard and for as long as this administration.” –Sybann, Raleigh, North Carolina

“I used my own money (the government isn’t giving us anything that isn’t already ours) to exercise my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This nice used Glock 23 came with some extra high-capacity magazines.” –Tom, Reading, Pennsylvania

“Say hello to my new kitten, Squirrel. I rescued him from a clinic, but then spent $100 on shots and vaccinations. Then I went to Petco and bought food, litter, litter box, and a catnip toy!” –Sue, Austin, Texas

“I bought seeds and books, and I am beginning my first victory garden. I look forward to being liberated from the increasing cost of food. Save money and the planet!” –Michelle, Columbia, South Carolina

“I bought $50 worth of lottery tickets. But I didn’t win :(((((” –Maggie, Phoenix, Arizona

“I spent my stimulus (and my husband’s, for that matter) on three months with my personal trainer. He is very stimulating.” –April, Largo, Florida

“I spent half of it on booze to party.” –Ross, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Half of my house is a shrine to the Terminator franchise, and I squandered, er, ‘spent’ my check (with the wife’s blessing) on the new centerpiece of my collection: a Terminator 2 arcade machine!” –Datan0de, Tampa, Florida

“The extra money made me feel better about spending $100 on a toothbrush. I’ve only had it for a day, but I love it.” –Ben Goldberg, San Diego, California

“Towing to the repair shop, new serpentine belt, and a new alternator. $388 later my stimulus is about gone and I haven’t even received my stimulus yet!” –vanlandw, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Artifact: Spending W.’s Money