Artifact: The Littlest Demographic

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Selected posts from Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President message board on, which, according to the network, targets users from the age of 6 to 14.

The only way I’d vote for Mccain (if i was 18) was if I was under the imperius curse (for those who are as fond of harry Potter as I). OBAMA RULES!!!

McCain may have been tortured but there are many other soldiers who gave their life/tortured. Does that make them President material? McCain is out touch and looks like he was awaken from the dead in order to run for President. Go Obama!!!!!!!

Oh he was tortured. So he should president! That TOTALLY is a good reason for someone to be president! SIKE!!! That’s the worst reason I’ve ever heard. Vote for who is the best for this country, not because they have gone through some torture and miserable times in their life.

i went to church the other day and they where talking about how mccain is a good choice i agree.

If we pull out, the terrorists will continue on well…basically creating another holocost. I DO NOT trust Obama with my life and my country. End of story.

Because He wants to lower Taxes, Lower Gas, and Help us I also heard that Obama Might make a new Holiday. I dont know if thats true but still Obama works ALOT harder than Mcaine, And if Obama works that hard then he should be rewarded OBama Rocks

Don’t vote for Obama he is breaking the rules of the constitution by running for president. Look that up!! Seriously!!!

Barak Obama should win! Mcaine is going to lose. But even if he won it would still be bad for us because they say that he is showing signs of Altimers Desease. Altimers Desease is when you forget things. So say that Mcaine was president. So if Mcaine died than Sarah Palin would take over. We don’t want that! I mean Soccer Mom’s Day! What the heck is that.

10 Reasons Why Macain Should be President!!!
1. He’s going to lower gas prices
2. He wants to give each family $5,000$ for insurance
3. He has great reasons to be president
4. He’s awesome!!
5. He doesn’t want war
6. He wants to help the poor
7. He wants to help ALL of us
8. He wants to make the world a better place
9. He wants to stop drugs
10. The whole point is he’s AWESOME!!!!!!

who is totally sick of president commercials? I AM!!!!!!!! half the stuff isnt even true!

Obama shouldnt win because he will get assasinated and if Hilliary Clinton was the Vice President she would start the next World War III.


I don’t like how people are sooooooo obbsessed with Obama! He wants to make taxes higher! He wants rich people to pay for poor people! Oh!, and did you know he was friends with one of the guys who was in the nine eleven attack! He has not had ant experence 4 years of congrass…THATS IT!!!! HE CAN’T LEAD OUR NATION HE JUST CAN’T IT WILL FALL APPART AND LEAD TO A 2ND GREAT DEPPRESION!

Artifact: The Littlest Demographic