The Government Orchestrated and Staged Each of These Mass-Casualty Events

During the Cold War, a “false flag” operation meant spies pretending to be friendly while sending secrets to the Kremlin or Langley. Nowadays the term has a significantly different meaning: mass-casualty events designed to appear perpetrated by outside sources. According to conspiracy theorists, they include the Sandy Hook massacre, staged with actors to push gun control; the Aurora shooting, on the eve of the U.N. small arms treaty vote; the Boston Marathon bombing, which resembled a DHS drill, was attended by mysterious military contractors, and allowed the imposition of martial law; the shooting in the Washington Navy Yard, to distract us from the Benghazi anniversary; the use of chemical weapons pinned on the Syrian army, which Ron Paul (among others) believes was staged by the U.S.; the Oklahoma City bombing, to advance anti-terrorism legislation; and—since the U.S. now fully controls Al Qaeda—the Kenyan mall attack, for who knows what purpose.

The Government Orchestrated and Staged Each of Th […]