“They” Killed …

Marilyn Monroe, possibly via a Nembutal enema, perhaps because she’d discovered the CIA plot to assassinate JFK;

Malcolm X, in a murder orchestrated by J. Edgar Hoover via COINTELPRO;

Martin Luther King Jr., his killer supplied (and brainwashed) by the CIA;

Robert Kennedy, in a hit paid for by Aristotle Onassis, with Sirhan Sirhan coerced into taking the fall by CIA mind-control program MK Ultra;

Hale Boggs, the House leader and Warren Commission critic, in an airplane disappearance;

Karen Silkwood, the nuclear activist;

Danny Casolaro, a reporter who’d uncovered a web of espionage, Big Oil, and organized crime he called “the Octopus”;

JFK Jr., in a group effort by the Clintons (to keep him away from the Senate seat Hillary wanted), George H.W. Bush (to stop him from reinvestigating JFK’s assassination, which involved Bush), and the Mossad (so he wouldn’t publish a story in his magazine George about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin);

Aaliyah, in an Illuminati blood sacrifice staged by Damon Dash;

Paul Wellstone, his plane taken down by an electromagnetic weapon;

Hunter S. Thompson, to keep him from revealing 9/11 was an inside job;

Gary Webb, an investigative reporter who uncovered the CIA’s cocaine-running;

and Michael Jackson, not by his doctor but by higher-ups in the music industry. Also, he may have been a eunuch. Or dead since 1984 and impersonated by a look-alike. Or still alive.

“They” Killed …