The U.S. Government Is Planning to Seize Your Property …

Photo: Alamy (House)

Agenda 21 (as in the 21st century) is a far-reaching, supposedly nonbinding resolution dealing with issues like poverty, deforestation, and sustainable development of land resource—or a well-defined plan to undermine U.S. property rights.

… And Poisoning All of Us Via Dietary Guidelines …
The international food ­standards Codex Alimentarius ­(sinister name!) might be a weapon of “soft-kill eugenics” designed to depopulate the Earth to a more manageable level of 500 million or so.

… And Killing Off the World’s Honeybees to Corner the Food Supply.
More than 30 percent of U.S. bees have died since 2005, depriving organic agriculture of one of its natural pollinators and handing the job of feeding the planet to agribusiness conglomerates (Monsanto, most probably) specializing in genetically modified crops.

The U.S. Government Is Planning to Seize Your Pro […]