Behind the Hedge

The Running of the Hedgehogs Hedge funds are a fad, but they show no evidence of passing—and we are now living in the wildest, most unrestrained financial moment in recent history.

The Smartest, the Meanest, the Best Ranking the who’s who of the hedge-fund elite.

The Significant Others Who gets to marry a billionaire and where these wives come from.

Why Fees Won’t Come Down Competition, as any economics student will tell you, brings down prices. It works for computers, cell phones, and cars. So why not for hedge funds? Long-Short Story Short Alfred Winslow Jones invented what he called a “hedged fund.” The name’s been bastardized, and so has just about everything else about it.

City for Sale For almost everything in New York, hedge-funders are the high bidders. And if you’ve got something to sell, what a wonderful thing that is.

The Kingdom of Hedgistan Why hedge funds cluster in the world’s most expensive habitats.

Behind the Hedge