100-Punk Poll

A few of the self-identified punks from our poll. Photo: Lucas Michael

Male: 56%
Female: 43%


Punk is …
A type of music: 15%
A political act: 1%
A lifestyle: 50%
A state of mind: 31%
A way of dressing: 2%
None of the above, it’s:
“All of the above.”
“A brief moment in time.”
“Anything you want it to be.”
“A trend.”
“Blah blah blah.”
“What you fucking make it.”

Which punk subgenre do you most identify with?
Pop punk: 20%
Gutterpunk/crusty: 6%
Celtic punk: 4%
Hardcore: 30%
Queercore: 3%
Riot grrrl:12%
Ska punk:12%
Cow punk: 0%
Garage punk:15%
“Electro-goth punk.”
“Chaos punk.”
“Anarcho punk.”
“Folk punk.”
“Fuck subgenres, they only divide us.”

CBGBPhoto: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Did you ever use the bathroom at CBGB?
Yes: 37%
Are you kidding me? 63%

Are you a …
Democrat: 47%
Republican: 4%
Libertarian: 6%
Green Party: 2%
Not political: 40%
Other: 10% (Most popular write-in: anarchist)

Do you feel punk has been co-opted?
Yes: 73%
No: 27%

If yes, by whom?
“Stupid musicians.” / “New York Magazine, at the moment. By dominant culture in general.” / “Them.” / “Corporate America.” / “People who want to be fashionable.” / “Hot Topic.” / “Hipster fucks.” / “Punk asses.” / ­“Posers and 12-year-olds.” / “Vivienne Westwood.” / “By every musician that plays it, every person that follows it, and everyone that blames it.”

Glenn Danzig or Henry Rollins?
Danzig: 47%
Rollins: 53%

Better punk tome:
Please Kill Me: 74%
Our Band Could Be Your Life: 26%

Are you religious?
Yes: 22%
No: 78%

Are you angry?
Yes: 36%
No: 64%

What are you angry about?
“Human nature, human beings, human life.”
“That punk is dead.”
“The decline of civilization.”
“East Village turned into a mini-mall.”
“Gentrification, racism, sexism, its not really being spring yet.”
“Apathy and how fucked the world is and how nothing can change it.”
“Being broke.”
“Dude, where do I start?”

The Clash: Essential punks or bigger blowhards than U2?
Essential punks: 78%
Blowhards: 22%

Better Minneapolis band:
The Replacements: 57%
Hüsker Dü: 43%

What’s the greatest punk band of all time?
From most to least popular answer
The Ramones
The Clash
The Sex Pistols
The Stooges
Bad Brains
The Misfits
Dropkick Murphys

Are you planning on going to the upcoming punk exhibition at the Met?
Yes: 30%
No: 24%
Never heard of it: 46%

How un-punk is this poll?
Completely: 28%
A little bit: 28%
This isn’t bad: 44%

100-Punk Poll