The Semi-Retired Engineer Who Has Discovered Nudism, Tantra, and Internet Porn

Photo: Joshua Allen; Grooming by Sylvia Dimaki/Halley Resources

8:30 p.m. Check e-mail and look for new possibilities for Internet dating. And a last look at the tittie cam. N has recommended that I contact her friend J, a fellow nudist. I send her a note with some nude pictures, and then off to bed.

3 p.m. An interesting lunch with a recently separated woman. Am I attracting these? It appears they want to be accepted—warts and all—by a New Age man. I guess I have settled into that definition.

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Why write a Sex Diary?
I have been adjusting to the loss of my wife, and reinventing myself through a path of tantra, nudism, and more awareness of emotions.

Do you think your sex life is better or worse than most New Yorkers’?
For my age, I think I’m doing very well. When you get older you have the luxury of time. I’d always been doing things rapidly, and what I’ve done is really slow myself down. I think I enjoy women a lot more now.

The Semi-Retired Engineer Who Has Discovered Nudi […]