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Other Hailing Apps

Six more ways to summon taxi and livery drivers.

Hails taxis and, starting in August, black cars; a Fastest First icon connects to whoever’s closest—taxi, black car, or sedan; more than 250,000 users.

Hails black cars and, soon, taxis; flat rate of $70 to airport; a Wall Street favorite; 200,000 users.

Hails black cars; a monthly unlimited-ride pass for a flat fee based on Whisk’s assessment of your commuting habits (average cost is about $600); 25,000 users.

Shared-taxi and shared-black-car hailing throughout the city (the app matches up customers in the same vicinity); more than 10,000 users.

(Formerly OnCabs)
Taxi and livery-car booking for the airport; 2,343 users.

Shared-SUV hailing on the Upper East Side; $6 to $9 fee; more than 3,000 users.