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Taxi Talk


Uber SUV
Age: 36
Experience: 5 months
Previous job: New-media CEO
Income: $370 per day
“Riders want to talk on a higher intellectual level. I read the papers, follow the stocks. I also offer free Wi-Fi and Net­flix on the TV screens. All these other drivers were asking me, ‘How do you get such high ratings?’ So now I’m co-hosting weekly Uber seminars.”

Age: 58
Experience: 16 years
Previous job: Air-conditioner cleaner
Income: $100 per day
“Black-car ­businesses have built their reputations over many years and have a solid customer base. People can feel more comfortable in a car service they can use consistently that’s familiar. Uber hasn’t built that kind of reputation with their customers yet.”

Yellow cab
Age: 45
Experience: 23 years
Previous job: Baker
Income: $120 per day
“I won’t participate in those apps like Uber and Hailo. I like focusing on the road. Too many electronics in the cab leads to accidents.”

Yellow cab
Age: 54
Experience: 30 years
Previous job: English teacher
Income: $100–$150 per day
“When I started driving, I couldn’t control the doors, which would have come in handy back in the ’80s. But now the cabs have those TVs. When a tourist turns up the TV, I turn up my jazz radio, out of spite.”

Age: 50
Experience: Two weeks (in New Jersey)
Previous job: NYPD officer
Income: $82 per day
“I work part-time as an accountant. When Lyft launches I’m going to do it on off-hours. I interviewed at their office, and they observed how I engaged with other people. Can you put on a smile and laugh? Then I fixed my third brake light, and my pink mustache came in the mail.”


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