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With Uber’s job openings and fewer late shifts, a male-dominated industry is suddenly a little less so.


1. Sugey “Raquel” Ramos
Age: 38
Experience: One year with Uber.
Income: $1,200 per week.
“People are shocked that I’m a girl and I know my way around, but they love that I drive a nice car—I’m the only Uber driver in the city with a Land Rover. I pick up a lot of schoolkids on the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side; their parents trust them to ride with me by themselves.”

2. Jyoti Lama
Age: 27
Experience: Three months.
Income: $375 per week.
“There’s a safety net with Uber. You can track the last person in the car if, God forbid, something were to happen. The yellow-cab partition isn’t enough to make the driver feel safe—it just makes the driver feel squished.”

3. Phulbas Arjune
Age: 55
Experience: Five months.
Income: $1,500 per week.
“In 2008, I lost my job as an office manager. It was difficult for me to get a job making the same kind of money, especially as a woman of a certain age. Finally, I tried driving a yellow cab for a few months, which was so hard, and that’s when I heard about Uber. My stress level has totally changed. I don’t have to wake up at four in the morning to get the car and then wait because there’s no one on the street until 7 a.m. My passengers get out and say, ‘Can I hug you?’ ”

4. Shelly Martin
Age: 42
Experience: Two years.
Income: $1,000 per week.
“I call myself ‘the Harlem Bombshell.’ I’m an aspiring actress, so it’s important to have work that allows me to go on auditions. I need 25 to 40 trips a day to make my earnings goal­—I’ve got to pay for head shots.”

Reporting by Hana Alberts, Jason Feifer, Meagan Flynn, Kayleen Schaefer, Emma Whitford, and Keith Williams.


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