We Are the 75%

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I’m 41, I have five kids, I’m just a regular folk, and I’m afraid we’re gonna be choking down another handpicked Establishment candidate this year, and I have an idea how we can send a message. I think we need another Operation Chaos in Iowa. Let them know that they can’t do this. We should write in Herman Cain and let them know that the grassroots movement exists and they can’t pick the candidate.
—Tammy in Tucson, caller:“The Rush Limbaugh Show”

I am about as old as Yoda. I have many battle scars. In my infancy I fought for Goldwater, and the day after the election I began the long battle for Reagan. I was at the 1964 convention and booed Rockefeller. What is happening now is the continuation of a long battle. After Goldwater won, the Establishment did all possible to defeat Goldwater, and I predict the same would happen now if a conservative were to be nominated. It is time to stand up and fight for a true conservative, and one who can win: Rick Perry.
—Ladyfox, commenter: Red State

I have been listening to Michael Savage and Mark Levin tonight, and they have their thoughts in place. I agree with them. I have not deserted Mr. Cain. Mr. Cain is an old-school southern gentleman. He has a wonderful sense of humor. I appreciate his person. The uptight Washingtonians and Northeasterners need to learn a little humanity. They have looped that noose over the limb and are trying very hard to do the trick. This is disgraceful, un-American, and revolting to me as a southern white woman. They are trying to represent Mr. Cain as a black man who assaults and offends blonde white women. Investigations are going on right now that will prove to the public just what these women stand for. They look like prostitutes and whiners to me.
—Josephine, commenter: Red State

Something was bothering me listening to both yourself and other commentators talking about how the Republican Party is being warned against going after Obama. We had that same problem in the 2008 election. McCain wouldn’t go after him, wouldn’t attack Reverend Wright, wouldn’t attack Bill Ayers. Where does it get us? Sarah Palin wanted to go after him. She was ready. We need someone that’s not afraid to go after Obama—a Michele Bachmann or a Rick Santorum, heaven to Betsy. I think that kind of zealous reaction [would] bring him down!
—Joyce in Pittsburgh, caller: “The Rush Limbaugh Show”

I’m a conservative Republican, and four years ago, I was not on the McCain bandwagon but I went with the party. Now, within my own community we are having a lot of issues with trying to decide who we want to represent us. None of us are really very comfortable with Mitt Romney. We’ve gone through Perry and Cain and Bachmann and so on and so forth. And, you know, right now, Newt Gingrich is my candidate. I truly think that if he goes up against Obama and people pay attention to what he has to say, he could beat him. But if Mitt Romney should wind up with the nomination, I will vote for Mitt. I cannot have Obama because I have two young children.
—Michael in New York City, caller: “The Rush Limbaugh Show”

Nominate Romney, bud, and I will start gathering signatures in Texas. That’s right, I said it, and I damn well mean it. If you Romney supporters insist on reelecting Obama, it is our duty as conservatives to defeat you. I will work actively to support a third party in Texas. How well do you think ol’ switch-hit Mitt with his record of flat-out lying about Perry and attacking Texas is going to go over? Do the math on Romney’s chances of winning without the largest red state in the union. Think I am bluffing? You just pull that Romney/Obama lever and we’ll see …
—Iidvbii, commenter: Red State

Romney has never worked at a real job a day in his life. His wealthy/celebrity governor father got him into Harvard, then got him a job on Wall Street. He pushes some paper around for twenty years, lays off workers and destroys companies, and get credited with being a genius. He becomes a far-left liberal to win in Massachusetts then immediately announces conservative positions to try to run for president. The man doesn’t have a sincere, honest bone in his body. He is worse than any used-car salesman, lawyer, or politician. In sum, he’s a person who would have earned nothing but scorn and contempt from most honest, hardworking Americans in a past age. He’s not a true American.
—Heraklios, commenter: Red State

My husband is a school superintendent, and he deals with kids who come from broken homes all the time. There are zillions of people who have been married two and three times, and then some. Our culture is sick. If you look at the media, many of them have also been married many times over, and they are the ones pointing to others and criticizing! Give me a break. Newt’s personal life is his business, and God’s business. It appears that Newt and his family have learned to deal with each other’s shortcomings, and have found peace about it. That’s good enough for me.
—Mary M. Tebbe, commenter: The Blaze

Why isn’t Sarah Palin running? She is the one I really wanted. Sarah is the reason I changed my registration and voting habits from Democrat to Republican. Sarah opened my eyes to many things, and I am forever grateful to her for that. I was formerly a “progressive” Democrat, and Sarah helped me realize how those worldviews were destroying our society and our world. I do not know who I will vote for in my primary, but it won’t be Mitt.
—Breaves, commenter: Red State

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