‘Mr. President, You Can’t Say Dallas Doesn’t Love You"*

Illustration by Tony Millionaire

Reader Letters to the Dallas Morning News, 1963

President Viewed As Sorry Failure

Permit me to express my appreciation for the good wheat farmers who kicked President Kennedy and his stooge, [Agriculture Secretary Orville] Freeman, in the teeth with the referendum turndown of controls. It is time that the populace shows such a great sense of responsibility toward economic reasonableness.

Who is Kennedy to set himself up as an agricultural and economic specialist after he has failed miserably in almost every other undertaking?

He failed in his school-aid legislation; he failed in his old-age-assistance legislation; he failed in his midterm swing around the nation to bolster Democratic campaigns and headed back to Washington from Chicago, whence derived the abortive quarantine of Cuba and his subsequent failure to accomplish permanent objectives there.

He is a complete failure in his handling of the social crisis arising over mismanaged efforts to force integration of the races, trying to straddle the fence. Barnett of Mississippi defied him. Wallace of Alabama is making a monkey of him. And similar problems in his own back yard apparently overwhelm him.

J. T. Martin, 4420 Edmondson, Dallas, June 7

“One-Term John”

“One-Term John” Kennedy is now so unpopular in Central Texas that in the past three weeks I have had only one customer threaten to cease doing business with me because of remarks made concerning the dynasty and its accomplishments.

In fact, I now expect business to pick up as the full impact of the truth finally makes its impression upon the party faithful who heretofore could neither see, hear, nor speak of the evils in a socialistic dictatorship until the confrontation by Gov. Wallace of naked federal power and encroachment upon state and individual rights at Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Laurel N. Dunn, 2811 Robinson Rd., Waco, Tex., July 7

Nuclear-Test Ban Viewed as Danger

I am a sophomore in college, 18, not old enough to vote. However, I am old enough to realize that a future which I count precious is being endangered on all sides by the giant steps the administration is taking to relieve me of my rights and my property. I take great pride in being American, but I am appalled at the innocence with which we approach the test-ban treaty. It is difficult to comprehend exactly why we proposed such a cowardly device with such a ruthless nation.

Americans need not be so blind when dealing with their own future, because one cannot deny that President Kennedy is trying to set some kind of precedent by his silences, shallowness, and utter power.

Something has to be done. It seems a shame that we must wait until ’64 for Goldwater.

Kristin Moller, 2611 Chase Dr., Wichita Falls, Tex., August 24

On Road to Socialism

The Kennedy regime tends to lead toward socialism, as shown in its soft policies regarding the Cuban situation and its constant concessions to the Soviet Union in nuclear-test-ban-treaty negotiations. The many failures of the administration are clearly shown to the public. The inefficiency of its policies has lost America prestige and has weakened our bonds with the major European countries.

Any person who supports John Kennedy in 1964 not only is illiterate of the means of democracy but is supporting a truly socialistic regime.

Douglas Herring, 1831 Northcrest, Waco, Tex., Sept. 2

Road to Dictatorship

What does a dictator do to gain control of a nation? First, he must control the army. Next, national police control. We have President John F. Kennedy as commander in chief. Bob Kennedy is head of the national police force.

President Kennedy is always seeking more power. If he gets enough power, free enterprise is finished. States’ rights have vanished. We now have taxation without representation.

John D. Heard, 5233 Farguhar Ln., Dallas, Sept. 13

The President in Texas

We Dallas County folks are eager for the visit from President Kennedy. We’re glad the trip here will be political, because we want to get our money’s worth. We are paying for these trips, not Mr. Kennedy.

Charles W. Ferguson, 6151 E. Mockingbird Ln., Dallas. Oct. 8

Lasky View of Kennedy

Presumably your ego is flattered by the hate-everything squawkers who will slobber in adulation over you for publishing the vicious tissue of distortions, half-truths and innuendo which characterize Victor Lasky articles. From what garbage heap did you excavate him?

Decent readers, however, will regret another evidence of the slide and dip of a once-great newspaper to the limbo of a “U.S. Confidential” type of publication.

John Rutherford, 418 Hall St., Lancaster, Tex., Oct. 26

Kennedys Run the Show

The President has used his office in the last three years to take powers for himself at the expense of other branches of government.

In 1964, America will face the biggest decision in her history. If John F. Kennedy is returned to the White House, our nation probably will never again have the opportunity of a free election.

Mrs. Ben Morgan, 8607 Berry Dr., Waco, Tex., Oct. 28

Chameleon in Politics

The articles of Victor Lasky, plus Robert Kennedy’s recent pronouncement on the civil-rights bill, show that the man who wrote “Profiles in Courage” is a chameleon in politics. The majority of the people in the United States are not only against these civil-rights bills, but they are also opposed to all foreign aid.

Enoch G. Fletcher, Grand Saline, Tex., Oct. 29

Dallas Mob Violence

Your fair city really made headlines. I am referring to the mobbing of the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

I had heard that Dallas was a city of conservatives, but it was only until I read that Mr. Stevenson had been spat on that I realized that moderation, toleration and rational thinking had given way to mob violence and insanity.

It is a sad city where anyone who happens to differ from the view of the Birchers is mobbed.

Marvin Brock, 2202 24th St., Lubbock, Tex., Oct. 30

Wheat Sale Condemned

Many parents have scolded their children for having done something wrong and then heard the child say, “Everybody else does it.”

What should a parent do if a child breaks the law, commits a crime and then replies, “President Kennedy does it?”

The child would be telling the truth.

R. H. Pickens, 2000 Fidelity Union Tower, Dallas, Oct. 31

Police Protection

In noting the continued furor raised about the treatment of Adlai Stevenson on his recent visit to Dallas, I would like to say first I do not condone the accidental hitting of Stevenson on the head or any ugly demonstrations made against him. However … if visiting notables would be kind enough to remain in the protection of the police, the name of Dallas would not be so dragged in the mud.

Mrs. Robert Penn, 1065 Hartford Bldg., Dallas, Nov. 9

Where Are We Headed?

We need to know why President Kennedy, in contradiction to his campaign promises, has impoverished the nation, abandoned the Monroe Doctrine, let the communists take Cuba, signed the test-ban treaty and sold wheat to Russia, all of which aids communism and hurts our American way of life which some of us still love dearly.

A. D. Thompson, Route 3, Box 172AA, Arlington, Tex., Nov. 11

Kennedy Failures Mount Every Week

Kennedy has compromised his pledges; he has turned his back on the deluded souls who had some degree of faith in him; he has given up his own convictions; and now he even is letting Robert call the turns for him. He seems to have no firm dedication except to getting votes, not matter the vacillations of principle.

J. T. Martin, 4420 Edmondson, Dallas, Nov. 18

Welcome to the President

Many Texas people will agree that we owe respect and courtesy to our President and his wife. Regardless of our party affiliation, let’s show the Kennedys that Texas people have good manners.

T. D. Harrison, Waco, Tex., Nov. 22

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Reprinted with permission of the Dallas Morning News.

‘Mr. President, You Can’t Say Dallas Doesn’t Love You"*