“I’m Constantly Told, ‘No, You’re Just Making Stuff Up’”

Illustration by Tony Millionaire

Excerpted From “The Dana Show,” Aug. 28, 1 p.m.

Tony Katz: Can you explain what this potential rules change is? Was there a compromise?

Dana Loesch: When you try to amend the rules in a way that you’re going to assume power of selecting delegates that select the candidate, rather than having states select the delegates, as it really should go, that kind of becomes a problem. And especially when some of the rule compromises could really affect insurgent campaigns within the party, campaigns like Rick Santorum’s and Newt Gingrich’s. I think that’s a little bit disconcerting as well.

Katz: And this is all really about whether the RNC, the Establishment, can make a change to delegates that they don’t like. I want to know if the left is going to report on the fact that once again we’ve proven that the tea party is not owned by the Republican Party. This is the RNC, and you’re seeing this fight!

Loesch: Right, that’s it. As someone who’s grassroots, I really get ticked off whenever I talk about the battle between the Establishment and grassroots, and I’m told it doesn’t exist. I’m constantly told that “No, you’re just being a drama queen.” I’m told, “No, you’re just making stuff up.” “No, no, it’s happy, and we’re all getting along. You need to stop talking about crap like this because we’re supposed to have unity.” I am told that every single week. Well, if you need any further example that this fracture exists on the right, this sort of going behind delegates’ backs, and behind states’ backs, this is absolutely a symptom of that fracture. I’m going to tie the Akin thing into this really quickly. Now, I had said that a lot of what played into the Akin Senate race and the overreaction from that was due to some Republican Establishment folks who just were looking for an out and they wanted to freak out. And a lot of the people who were telling me that this Establishment versus grassroots in the Missouri Senate race doesn’t exist are now the same people who are, like, lecturing me on, “Oh, we really have to blow up this battle between the Establishment and grassroots.” Okay, well, does it exist or does it not? People need to pick a ­narrative—and not just on the left.

“I’m Constantly Told, ‘No, You’re Just Making Stu […]