The Murdoch Love Fest

Illustrations by Tony Millionaire

“If indeed there is an opportunity to keep the paper going, I think everyone’s interest would be enhanced by a Rupert Murdoch entry into the picture as a solution.”

Al D’Amato,
quoted in the Times supporting Murdoch’s reacquisition of the Post in 1993.

“Fox is a tremendous addition to the range of news coverage that people around the world are going to be able to see. And it’s just wrong that they cannot see it in New York.”

George Pataki,
speaking to the Times in 1996 in support of forcing Time Warner to broadcast Murdoch’s Fox News Channel in the New York City area.

“Only in New York would I be trying to get Rupert Murdoch to buy back the New York Post after he used it to beat my brains in when I ran against Ed Koch.”

Mario Cuomo,
speaking to this magazine in 1993.

“He’s a very honorable, honest man. This can’t be something that he would have anything to do with.”

Rudy Giuliani,
speaking to CNN last month about speculation that 9/11 victims were hacked.

The Murdoch Love Fest