“Joe Paterno Is Not Something We Dabble In”

Illustration by Tony Millionaire

Have faith in JoePa
Belief in Penn State, and Joe Paterno, is not something we dabble in—it’s our way of life. Wednesday night, they served Paterno’s head on a platter, making him into a major scapegoat in an atrocity we might never recover from. But without Coach, things aren’t Peachy-Paterno.

I am deeply saddened by the horrors of the Sandusky scandal, and I’m hurt that the media is failing to shine light on the victims and has instead chosen to wield its sword at JoePa. I desperately want justice for those boys, but I believe in JoePa.
Chambersburg, November 12, 2011

Paterno deserved better than he received from PSU
Joe Paterno’s integrity is being questioned. Those of you who follow the Nittany Lions football team must remember the times that a player (often a badly needed player) was not permitted to play due to “certain infractions of rules” laid down by Paterno. In the current situation, we have learned that he notified the athletic director about a certain occurrence. Undoubtedly, Paterno thought he had done the proper thing; and he had.

Joe Paterno is no regular coach; he is a Pennsylvania icon with principles who deserves better.
Monroe Twp., December 2, 2011

Joe Paterno’s plight
Please spare us the lame excuse that [Paterno] did his duty by reporting what he had heard to his superior(s).

Come on, Joe Paterno was not like a lowly grunt on KP duty who reports to his sergeant that the cook is stealing meat. No, Joe Paterno had no real superior at Penn State; he was, in fact, the top man and did what he wanted. Nobody told him what to do.
Lower Allen Twp., December 7, 2011

Joe Paterno was made scapegoat
I believe time will exonerate JoePa’s actions. Anyone raised Catholic would have said the same as Joe, “I wish I had done more.” The trial hasn’t started and much more information will be forthcoming, yet many have already unfairly condemned individuals other than the alleged perpetrator.

I doubt we will see apologies when the entire truth finally comes out.
Hampden Twp., January 14, 2012

The truth is out about PSU football
Some people are Lutheran, others Presbyterian, some Catholic.

Then there are others who are “Penn Stateist.” What I mean by that is it’s a form of religion for die-hard Nittany Lions fans. They are so dedicated to the football team that [nothing] that has occurred there, i.e., the death of Joe Paterno, to covering up allegations of child abuse and finally, the verdict of guilt that is now on Jerry Sandusky, might affect their idolatry of the program.

Paterno was told in 2002 about Sandusky, according to emails. Apparently, he chose not to speak up and protect the victims; he had higher priorities to deal with.
East Pennsboro Twp., July 7, 2012

Enough Paterno bashing; move on to other news
I acknowledge that Joe Paterno was involved in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal but enough already.

He made a big mistake, and my heart goes out to Sandusky’s victims, but I think it’s time to take it off the front page.

I think all of us would like to be remembered for the good we’ve done instead of just our mistakes.
Rye Twp., July 23, 2012

How could Paterno, others show such disregard?
“Success with honor” was a Paterno motto and often used to describe his program. What a joke his words seem now.
Susquehanna Twp., August 15, 2012

We won’t forget Paterno
Are you kidding me? Dump Joe Paterno because of what someone else did? That’s like saying, “Let’s kick God out of the church because some priest assaulted a boy.”

Paterno did so much good in his lifetime, and let’s not forget it. He made Pennsylvania proud.

We are keeping God in the church and Joe Paterno at Penn State. Removing his statue won’t change that.
Derry Twp., August 19, 2012

Excerpted and reprinted with permission of the Patriot-News.

“Joe Paterno Is Not Something We Dabble In”