“Just Imagine What Poor People Are Feeling”

Illustration by Tony Millionaire

Excerpted From “The Savage Nation,” Aug. 31, 6 p.m.

Michael Savage: The issue that’s troubling me is Ann Romney. I don’t like the prominence that she is taking. She is enjoying herself a little too much. She is not doing him a service, as far as I am concerned, by playing such a prominent role. I’d like to know why she’s basically giving Clint Eastwood a little offhand jape here. Listen to clip 46, how she’s set up by the Communist Broadcast Service host.

Charlie Rose: You seem to be surprised by …

Savage: [Mocking Rose’s accent] Byyyyhe.

Rose: … Clint Eastwood’s performance, as the camera took a cutaway of you.

Ann Romney: [Laughs] Um, I didn’t know it was coming. Um, again, I can tell you we’re grateful for everyone’s support—

Savage: All right, and that does it for me. [Mocking Ann Romney] Ha ha ha. The country-club woman. You know, I’ve been around women like that all my life. I don’t like them, to be frank with you. If I don’t like them, you can just imagine what poor people are feeling. You know, Ms. Perfect. [Mocking Romney again] Ha ha ha. Like he’s some weirdo. Clint Eastwood, an American icon, a world icon. And then, instead of saying, “We’re grateful for Clint’s support,” she adds another stab in the back: “We’re grateful for everyone’s support.” In other words, he wasn’t even there. Because the communist liberals didn’t like him? So already she’s in their camp? No good! Sorry. I have the most attuned ear in the history of the American media, and I am telling you, somebody who’s listening to me in the Romney campaign, I’m telling you to talk to Ann and tell her, “Just take a deep breath and step back two paces. Let your husband shine. Stop competing with him for the spotlight.” Am I wrong or right? Arizona, Becca, you’re on “The Savage Nation.”

Caller: Yes, I think Ms. Ann should step back. It’d be like me going to a job interview with my husband and interfering while he’s trying to get a job. It’s just something you don’t do …

Savage: Well, here’s the thing. They’re trying to get the women voters. I understand that. But one thing I know about women is that women are a little skittish of other women who are a little too dominant, am I right about that?

Caller: You’re definitely correct about that.

Savage: Okay, and they don’t like dominant, pushy women who think that they’re the Queen of the May. And I think she’s starting to look too much like a sorority queen for the average American woman, who may be schlepping to Kmart.

Caller: I always call it the Little Prissy Syndrome.

Savage: I’m going to tell you something that you have to hear. I’ve been very harsh for the last few days about the eunuchs that were appearing on the stage Tuesday and Wednesday. I was going berserk. For two days straight I was screaming, “They’re destroying themselves.” Well, finally, yesterday, I see the positive turnaround; I see Eastwood, Rubio—unbelievable—then Romney, thank God, comes out like a president. But there’s a slight cloud over it. The cloud is, we wake up euphoric, and there’s Ann Romney taking back the deal! She basically dismissed Eastwood like a clown, like he’s some balloon man they got. “Oh, yeah, he’s a real entertainer. What a character he is.” I’ve heard that about me all my life. Yeah, I’m a real character. I resent it. I resent people who like to undermine those of us who are entertaining, unique, brilliant, incisive—whatever you want to call us. Don’t dismiss us. We never wanted to be a country-club stooge, okay?

“Just Imagine What Poor People Are Feeling”