The 25 (and Counting…)

Illustration by Tony Millionare

The first 25 conservative donors to give $1 million or more to super-PACs this cycle, either on their own, with their families, or with companies that they or their families control. Others have likely given millions more to 501(c)(4)s, “social welfare” groups that are not required to disclose their donors. (Based on filings through February 29.)

Sheldon Adelson, casino developer, his wife, Miriam, and their family
$16.5 million: Gingrich

Harold Simmons, leveraged-buyout pioneer, his wife, Annette, and his holding company, Contran Corporation
$15.4 million: Crossroads, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney

Bob Perry, home developer
$6.6 million: Romney, Perry, Crossroads

Peter Thiel, venture capitalist
$2.73 million: Paul

Jerry Perenchio, entertainment executive, and his trust
$2.6 million: Crossroads, Romney, Huntsman

Jon Huntsman Sr., chemicals manufacturer
$2.2 million: Huntsman

Robert Rowling, hotel-and-fitness impresario, and his company, TRT Holdings Inc.
$2.1 million: Crossroads, Romney

Eli Publishing Inc. & F8 LLC, shell corporations registered to multilevel marketing executive Steven Lund and his son-in-law
$2 million: Romney

Foster Friess, mutual-fund manager
$1.75 million: Santorum, FreedomWorks

William Dore, energy executive
$1.5 million: Santorum

Philip Geier, ­marketing executive
$1.35 million: Crossroads, Romney

Julian Robertson, hedge-fund founder
$1.25 million: Romney

Robert Mercer, hedge-fund executive
$1.1 million: Romney, Club for Growth Action

Harlan Crow, and his family real-­estate company, Crow Holdings
$1.05 million: Crossroads, Romney, FreedomWorks

Whiteco Industries, a hotel and outdoor-advertisting group, controlled by longtime GOP backer Dean White
$1.025 million: Crossroads, Campaign for Primary Accountability

Edward Conard, former Bain Capital managing director
$1 million: Romney

Paul Edgerley, Bain Capital managing director, and his wife, Sandra, a former Bain & Company executive
$1 million: Romney

Mike Fernandez, health-care-sector investor, and his investment group
$1 million: Romney

Virginia James, investor
$1 million: Club for Growth ­Action

William Koch, and his energy ­company, Oxbow Carbon
$1 million: Romney

Irving Moskowitz, bingo magnate
$1 million: Crossroads

John Paulson, hedge-fund founder
$1 million: Romney

Rooney Holdings, a family construction company controlled by Bush bundler L. Francis Rooney III
$1 million: Romney

Paul Singer, hedge-fund founder
$1 million: Romney

Melaleuca, a multilevel marketing company led by Romney finance co-chair Frank VanderSloot
$1 million: Romney

Super-PAC Key:

Romney = Restore Our Future
Santorum = Red White and Blue Fund, Leaders for Families Super PAC
Gingrich = Winning Our Future
Perry = Make Us Great Again, Restoring Prosperity Fund
Huntsman = Our Destiny PAC
Paul = Endorse Liberty, Revolution PAC
Crossroads = Karl Rove-affiliated American Crossroads
FreedomWorks = Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks for America

The 25 (and Counting…)