Pre-Primary Colors

With the September 12 primary upcoming, what do the bluest of the blue think? A new Pace University poll, done in cooperation with New York Magazine, of state Democrats who are likely to vote in next month’s primary shows that, for one thing, Hillary isn’t in any danger of getting Lamont-ed by antiwar candidate Jonathan Tasini. Even if only 19 percent of likely primary voters support her stay-the-course position on Iraq, 79 percent think favorably of her. Meanwhile, 65 percent haven’t even heard of her primary opponent.

• The most popular Dems are state attorney general (and gubernatorial front-runner) Eliot Spitzer and not-up-for-reelection Senator Chuck Schumer. They’re both thought of favorably by 81 percent.

• Spitzer looks to have about 75 percent of the vote locked up in his primary, versus 11 percent for Tom Suozzi (almost a quarter of the respondents didn’t know who he is).

• The race to replace Spitzer as AG isn’t looking too close either, with 43 percent preferring Andrew Cuomo (his favorability rating is 65 percent), and 21 percent going with Mark Green (50 percent).

Gay rights
48% support gay marriage.
32% oppose it.

• When asked to name their most important issue, Dems ranked schools/education and taxes at the top (19 percent each); only 3 percent were most worried about terrorism.

Wall Street
49% support Wall Street reform.
29% oppose it.

37% want a firm deadline for withdrawal.
35% want immediate withdrawal.
19% want to keep troops there until a stable democratic government forms.
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Pre-Primary Colors