Breakfast With Champion

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You’d hardly know it amid the frenzy over Katie Couric’s debut, but last week Good Morning America brought in two new guys to its four-person crew: Chris Cuomo, the former governor’s son, as news anchor and Sam Champion, long of WABC, as weatherman. Jada Yuan checked in with them.

Is this the first time you’ve worked together?
C.C.: I think we’ve probably been on the show when we were each subbing at the time, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to see the man in action. I’ve always been a fan at home. That’s the one joke I have with Sam. “I’ve always loved you! I remember wanting to be you in grade school!”

Sam, I was curious, not having a degree in meteorology, how do you know that you’re actually getting the weather right?
S.C.: Oh, my God! When I was going to college, there were probably four colleges in the nation that offered a major in meteorology. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be in a part of the country where that was readily accessible. I have been doing weather since I graduated from college. I feel solid about what I’m doing.

Weather forecasting is almost boringly accurate now. Was it more fun when you could get it wrong?
S.C.: Well, that would be presupposing that I got it wrong! C.C.: That’s my man, Sam!

You never got it wrong?
S.C.: When I was doing local weather full time, I would wake up in the morning or stay up all night to make sure the snowflakes started at the time that I said they would.

Did they?
S.C.: [Laughs] I’d say, within a couple of hours.

Chris, do you think that this gig might help your brother’s attorney-general bid?
C.C.: I have had people in the audience say, “You have my vote!” and I was hoping that they watch GMA, but maybe they’re just confusing me with Andrew. But I don’t think he needs any help. Anyway, statewide race? He’s got a long way to go before it becomes a conflict of interest. If he runs for president, that would be tough.

Do you think that Diane Sawyer wanted to be nightly news anchor?
C.C.: I heard she wanted the job of the GMA newscaster and it got a little ugly here for a while.

Do you think Middle America cares about gay anchorpeople?
S.C.: Wow. I don’t know if they think about that. I know I don’t.

Has Diane been hazing you?
C.C.: I certainly wouldn’t put it past her to change my copy in the prompter. Next: The Subversive Genius of A-Rod

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Breakfast With Champion