Hot for Teacher

A ccording to the rankings published on, college students rate Andrew Beran, adjunct math professor at NYU, Pace University, and Marymount Manhattan, the tenth-hottest professor, male or female, in all of America—and the No. 1 in New York. He talked to Emma Rosenblum.

How old are you?
Let’s just say I’m over 25.

How long have you known you’re the hottest?
My students came in and told me about the hotness ranking. And so I had to check out the Website myself. I laughed—it’s certainly flattering.

So are female students always coming on to you?
I certainly get a lot of attention. Students tell me I look like Kirk Cameron, which is nice, because he’s a teen heartthrob, you know? So when one student said to me, “Professor Beran, you are so cute!” I said, “I am so cute … damn cute!” Just like Mike Seaver on Growing Pains used to say.

Do students ever cross the line?
Once in a while, it’s hard to control the girls. One time I took out my pointer to show something on the blackboard, and a girl called out, “Professor Beran, you have a very large pointer!” I had to keep a straight face, but it was hard! And I put the pointer away, and another girl called out, “You might as well whip it out, we already saw it!” I never took out my pointer again.

Are other profs jealous?
A little, I think. A colleague came up to me and said, “You’re the hottest! That’s so great!” I told him the most important thing is that the students think I’m a good teacher, and he said, “Yeah, but I wish just one student thought I was hot!”

What’s your workout routine?
I like to play softball and table tennis, and I take a brisk, two-mile walk every day. And Pace’s math department is on the seventh floor of our building, so I walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Any grooming tips?
I use Pert Plus and a comb. Next: United Nations Star Map

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Hot for Teacher