Wait, Wait, Don’t Hit on Me!

Expecting those who find that listening to NPR gets them feeling frisky, WNYC drew 230 to Brooklyn Brewery for “This Is Your Brain on Love,” an under-40 singles event hosted by Radio Lab’s nerdily dashing Jad Abumrad. It was the second of four mixers the station is sponsoring (the last one is a news quiz hosted by Brian Lehrer). The open bar kept things sprightly, but only one couple we saw left with lips locked, and, sadly, declined to be interviewed. Some others:

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Financial District Consultant

What were you hoping for tonight?
To meet some intelligent people who enjoy public radio.

Do you have a crush on anyone from WNYC?
The guy who hosted the event. He’s the cutest person here. We were like, “Is he single? How come he’s not mingling?”

How come you left early?
My friends and I each talked to two or three guys, and were pretty much done with it. There wasn’t any more potential.

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Washington Heights Doctoral Student

What were you hoping to find?
My husband.

How’d that work out for you?
It was a fucking failure.

Did you meet anyone interesting?
They’re just nerds like me.

Were you satisfied with the event?
It was slightly lame, but I can’t say that I could do any better. I couldn’t throw a better party. It was what it was.

Would you do something like this again?
I have nothing else to do, so yes.

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Kips Bay Software Engineer

Get any numbers?

Are you going to wait to call her?
People think that men just stick their dick into whoever offers it to them. But we get hurt! You have to be careful! Wait a couple of days, let her think that I’m not totally desperate.

Was it competitive in there?
Love is still about the biggest man taking a club, beating her over the head, and dragging her back to the cave. WNYC listeners understand that the club we wield is in our head, not our brawn.

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Gramercy Financial Analyst

What made you come to this event tonight?
I love WNYC. And I’m single.

Was it what you expected?
It was very nice. You meet people who are similar in taste and background.

Did you meet anybody interesting?
Yeah, sure.

Did you meet anybody you’d go on a date with?
Oh, man. Definitely.

Did you get some numbers?
Yeah, absolutely.

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Wait, Wait, Don’t Hit on Me!