How to Buy an iPhone

On June 29 at 6 p.m., the iPhone—the best! product!! ever!!! (maybe)—will finally go on sale at Apple Stores and AT&T retailers. The PlayStation 3 release indicates that lines will form up to 72 hours ahead. While Apple isn’t saying which locations will get the most phones, there are some clues. But check before heading to an AT&T outlet: Only the company-owned stores, not franchisees, will sell iPhones, so be sure to call or check online.

Prince St. and Greene St.
Fifth Ave. and 59th St.
Seemingly endless lines, but large stock: If you queue up early enough (like, right now), you’ll get one.

2. AT&T
Sixth Ave. at 17th St.
A tiny store—but it stocked 150 or so BlackBerry Curves the day it was released, a terrific indicator.

3. AT&T
Madison Ave. at 46th St.
Huge, so it’ll get a big shipment—and we hear new staff was hired specifically to handle the iPhone launch.

4. AT&T
125th St. and Lenox Ave.
When called, staffers said they’d start selling as soon as the phones arrive, up to 24 hours early.

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How to Buy an iPhone