Divorce, Park Avenue Style

It’s been a tough year for those who try to combine socialite behavior and matrimony. But things have changed among the upper crust. “In the past, divorced women would have been dropped by society and stiffed by their ex-husbands,” says New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia. “Nowadays, they’re less the victims. Most of these women are socially more prominent than their husbands, so don’t run the risk of being shut out. The men, of course, are men, and always get to be invited.”

Photographs by Patrick McMullan

RICHARD COHEN, Real-estate mogul
The Facts: After a twenty-year marriage and three children, the couple split in April after Cohen learned Zahn was allegedly having an affair with his friend philanthropist Paul Fribourg.
The Dough: Zahn filed a $25-million suit against Cohen, who she says mismanaged her money. Cohen denies he owes her anything.
Social Predictor: Zahn still has her own money. And Fribourg is a good catch.

MARTY RAYNES, Real-estate developer
The Facts: They announced their separation in October, but Patty’s “been going out alone for a long while,” says Columbia, who doesn’t suspect infidelity.
The Dough: Patty comes from money—her father was oil tycoon and Hollywood mogul Marvin Davis, but she’s suing the estate for stiffing her inheritance.
Social Predictor: Patty’s an established figure, so she’ll still get invites. “She’s independently wealthy, which helps,” says Columbia.

ROBERT TRUMP, The Donald’s brother
The Facts: She loves the scene; he doesn’t care. They filed for divorce in October, but Robert has reportedly lived on Long Island with another woman for two years.
The Dough: She had a very nice settlement, Columbia suspects.
Social Predictor: She’s much more connected than her husband. “And she’ll be well fixed, so she’ll be able to keep her apartment and her dinner parties,” says Columbia.

TORY BURCH, Fashion designer
CHRISTOPHER BURCH, Venture capitalist
The Facts: They were married for ten years and had three kids together. “She left him, and she made that very clear to me,” says a friend, though the divorce seemed relatively amicable.
The Dough: Chris funded Tory’s fashion line and remains CEO of the company. And there was no prenup.
Social Predictor: Her business continues to flourish. Plus, she’s dated Ron Perelman and Lance Armstrong.

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Divorce, Park Avenue Style