The ‘Sex’ Tour Guides

From left: Priscilla Jones, Erica Young, Dayna Woodhams, Roberta Rockwell.Photo: Courtesy of subjects (head shots); HBO/Everett Collection (Sex and the City bodies)

If Sex and the City was about a certain dream of making it big in New York, who aspires to take tourists obsessed with the show around the various real-life locations where it filmed? With the movie version about to come out, On Location Tours, which has been in this business since 2001, has seen a jump in ticket sales, and so is hiring. Ads in Back Stage and on Craigslist yielded 120 résumés. Corrie Pikul spoke to four candidates.

27, single
Day job: My mom was helping me look for a part-time job, and she saw this listed on Craigslist.
Dream job: My biggest job so far was playing a rape victim in a reenactment scene in America’s Most Wanted.
Sex-obsessed? My friend has a collection of all the episodes, and sometimes we watch them together. But to be honest, I’m not really a fan of the show.

27, in a “long-distance pseudo relationship”
Day job: Student at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.
Dream job: I really wanted to be a tour guide. I put it out to the universe—the particles—and this came to me.
Sex-obsessed? There was an episode where Carrie was whining at brunch about Big and Miranda lost it: “We’re college-educated, upper-middle- class intelligent women, and all we do is talk about men! I’ve had enough.” That’s me.

23, single
Day job: I’m a waitress at Mad Dog and Beans. It’s way down in the financial district, so Monday to Friday, it’s all guys. That’s why I was excited about this job: That bus is all women!
Dream job: I recently went to an audition for Gypsy and was called back for the role of one of the strippers. I thought I was going to be called back for Mama Rose.
Sex-obsessed? I learned so much from the “he’s just not that into you” episode. It forever changed my life.

37, married
Day job:
I do stand-up every week at clubs like Gotham and Comic Strip Live. And I’m one of the “Fashion Police” writers for Us Weekly.
Dream job: I’ve auditioned for 30 Rock three times now.
Sex-obsessed? I don’t want to say I’m a Pollyanna, but I have Charlotte’s “the glass is half full” outlook. Her idea that she’s going to get married, have a baby, have a happy life: That’s kind of me.

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The ‘Sex’ Tour Guides