The Anxiety Index

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Male: 67
Female: 33

21 or under: 4
22–29: 10
30–39: 31
40–49: 23
50–59: 25
60+: 7

What’s your attitude toward the financial crisis?
I’m stressed all the time: 13
I’m worried but not panicking: 59
I think things will be fine: 25
I barely think about it at all: 2

Do you have investments in the stock market, whether directly or through a fund?
Yes: 87
No: 13

If so, how often do you check in on them?
Multiple times a day: 16
Daily: 14
Weekly: 11
A few times a month: 35
Never: 11

How concerned are you about your job security?
I’m not worried at all: 37
I’m concerned but safe for now: 43
There’s a real chance I will lose my job soon: 13
I’ve already lost my job: 4

Have you tried to rein in spending in recent weeks?
Yes: 69
No: 31

If so, what have you cut back on?
“Dining out.” “Drinking.” “Cigarettes.” “Didn’t get an iPhone.” “Bags and jewelry.” “Home repairs.” “Theater subscriptions.” “Shopping at Macy’s.” “Cosmetics I don’t really need.” “Taxis.” “Driving.” “Starbucks.” “Kids’ classes.” “Groceries, heat, and light.”

Do you own a house or apartment?
Yes: 66
No: 34

If so, are you concerned that you won’t be able to keep up with your mortgage payments?
Yes: 10
No: 56

Which presidential candidate has reacted more intelligently to the Wall Street meltdown?
McCain: 18
Obama: 48
Neither one has impressed me: 31

Should Bloomberg be allowed to run for a third term because of the crisis?
Yes: 58
No: 33
Not sure: 9

Have you taken money out of your accounts because you’re worried about bank failure?
Yes: 8
No: 92

In the end, who was most responsible for the crisis?
Homeowners who signed mortgages they couldn’t afford: 9
Mortgage lenders: 23
Overleveraged investment banks: 21
Regulators and journalists who didn’t notice how shaky the market was: 6
Deregulation-mad politicians: 28

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The Anxiety Index