Small Miracles on 34th Street

Photographs by Spencer Heyfron

Francesco La Torre
M.B.A. student, Italy
Do you always shop at Macy’s?
This is my first time visiting Macy’s. I’m in New York for business, so I figured I’d go and buy some perfumes for my family.
Any business-student-type observations?
Most people I saw were actually buying, so it allowed me to think the economy is not as bad as I feared.
What are you most proud of this year?
I found a job.

Amy Marshall
Student, Indiana
How does shopping here compare with home?
It’s my first time going to Macy’s in New York.It’s a lot bigger. And a lot busier.
What else have you done?
We went to Phantom of the Opera, H&M, and Victoria’s Secret.
Are you giving back this season?
My family and I will ask our preacher if there’s a family in our church that isn’t doing so well and then get Christmas gifts and leave them on their doorstep.

Lucy Webb
Doctor, U.K.
What is your favorite part of Christmas?
My family home on Christmas Eve, then Champagne and chocolate for breakfast, and Balderdash after lunch.
What are you doing to help people in this time of need?
My mother and I buy socks for our local homeless shelter. They receive lots of food gifts, but apparently they always need warm socks.
Are you forgiving anyone this year?
Myself, for eating so much.

Archana and Ajai Chaudhary
Scientists, Indiana
Are you having fun?
AJAI: Shopping is not my cup of tea.
Why are you visiting?
ARCHANA: To celebrate our daughter’s 16th birthday.
How do you like the city?
ARCHANA: I love it. We don’t stand out as much, whereas in Indiana, sometimes we do, which can be hard.
What can we learn from bad times?
AJAI: We don’t always need materialistic assets to help others.

Giacomo Sonnino
Student, Italy
Is shopping at Macy’s an annual tradition for you?
I started shopping here when I was 8 years old, and I do it every year.
What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
I have been traveling quite a lot, and I am looking forward to spending time with my family.
How are tough times affecting people?
I think that when periods are tough, people refer to their faith. We cannot make it without faith.

Stephanie Fantauzzi
Student, Long Island
Is visiting Macy’s a holiday tradition?
It’s always been somewhere my mom and I go together. It’s my first year in college, and being home again is what I look forward to most.
Do tough times bring out the good in people?
For the most part, yes. Behind the stress and the anxiety, people have seemed to come to their senses.
Who are you forgiving this year?
Everyone who has brought me down.

Interviews by Emma Rosenblum

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Small Miracles on 34th Street