Stars Struck

Photo: From left: George Rose/Getty Images; Larry Busacca/Wire Image; Eric Ryan/Getty Images; Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images; Patrick McMullan

With Michael Phelps losing his Kellogg’s endorsement deal over his bong hits and Chris Brown being dropped by Wrigley over accusations he beat up Rihanna, it’s time to look back on earlier falls from sponsorship grace.

Pepsi walked away from Madonna when her “Like a Prayer” video (with its burning crosses) came out.

Nestle and Pepsi ditched Magic Johnson over the revelation that he was HIV-positive.

McDonald’s and Nutella dropped Kobe Bryant thanks to his sexual-assault trial.

The “Got Milk?” campaign axed the Olsen twins after Mary-Kate checked herself into a treatment facility for eating disorders.

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Stars Struck