Back and Forth

Photo: Patrick McMullan

After telling the Guardian that he dressed better than “a lot of gay people,” Kanye West attended eight shows during Fashion Week. Bennett Marcus spoke to him after Narciso Rodriguez’s show.

What kind of reaction have you gotten for saying that you dress better than a lot of gay people?
“What did I say?”

You said that now that you know more gay people, you realize a lot of them don’t dress well.
“But there’s a lot of gay people that dress better than me, too. No, I just think it’s a stereotype that all gay people dress good, and then it’s also a stereotype that if you dress good, you’re gay.”

Right. So what kind of reactions have you gotten to that statement?
“You’re the first to ask me about it.”

Who do you think you dress better than?
“I don’t think I dress better than Michael Jackson, so I think I got a long way to go. I’m thinking about Stefano Pilati, Ralph Lauren himself, and until I’m on that level, you know … ”

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Back and Forth