Back and Forth

At a Burberry party, the Misshapes’ Leigh Lezark and Nylon’s Dani Stahl talked to Meg Prossnitz about drinking too much. Then fashion writer Derek Blasberg walked by …

The British government wants to curb drinking by doubling the price of cheap beer and wine. Leigh, would that stop you?
LL: I don’t like cheap wine or beer. If they put a tariff on Stoli, then we’ll have to talk!

What was your best drunken night in the city?
LL: Oh, the bunny man! It has to be the bunny man.

Please explain.
LL: It was at Bowery East— or Beast.
DS: There was this guy in fishnets and a bunny tail and a thong. He did this worm dance and was rolling on the floor in broken glass and writhing and bleeding!
LL: And then he jumped in our laps. He was like pulling shards of glass out of his skin! I wanted to help him, so I went to the bar and asked if they had a first-aid kit, but they were like, “All we have is water and napkins.”

DB: [Approaches the two] They have the clap.

LL & DS: No, we don’t! We don’t have the clap! Don’t write that!

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Back and Forth