AIG CEO Mortality Table

Maurice “Hank” Greenberg (1968–2005)
Landed in Normandy on D-day, started at AIG in 1960, chosen as CEO by the company’s founder in 1968. Probes of the company’s accounting by Eliot Spitzer and the SEC forced his retirement.

Martin Sullivan (2005-08)
A career AIG man, starting at 17. Record losses and a reeling stock price prompted the board to remove him last June. In October, AIG froze $19 million in remaining payments to him.

Robert Willumstad (mid-2008)
Longtime banker moved up the ranks at Citigroup, becoming president in 2002. Became AIG chairman in 2006, CEO last June. Ousted by then-Treasury secretary Henry Paulson. Turned down $22 million severance.

Edward M. Liddy (2008–)
Former Allstate CEO, brought in by Paulson in September. Plan is to pay back bailout by divesting divisions. Paid $1/year.

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AIG CEO Mortality Table