Back and Forth

You’re sitting at a table labeled “The No. 1 Ladies”?
Tonya:We just gravitated.
Lynn: We felt the energy calling.

What did you like best about the show?
Lynn: I loved that it showed an appreciation of a different beauty, you know. Because Jill Scott is not a slight woman. But the point is made. And all these men are falling over her! Jill is so sexy. It was like, let’s hear it for the big girls!
Tonya: I mean, even in America there are some men who like their women a little hefty. There were many shots of her from behind, where she’s sort of dancing and moving in a way that is so sensual.

Do you think women make good detectives?
Lynn: I have been one from time to time in my life.
Tonya: When I need to be, I can be a good detective.

Give me an example.
Lynn: Oh, no, no, no, no! As an actress, I use clues to help my performance. I’m not speaking as a jealous woman or anything.

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Back and Forth