Back and Forth

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Would you run for a third term like Bloomberg is?
RUDY: I’m not even thinking about it.
JUDI: [Interrupting] Did you know that Rudy married Jay and Anne [Hearst]?
RUDY: One of the great things that I get to do as a retired mayor is perform weddings. I happen to be very good at it. I’ve done over 200.
JUDI: Oh, he’s wonderful. He just feels it.
RUDY: I always tell a few jokes. I relax the participants. I once did a Greek-Jewish wedding, and I did part of the wedding in Greek and part of the wedding in Hebrew.

Marry anybody prominent?
RUDY: I married several opera singers.
JUDI: You’ve done some baseball players.
RUDY: I did renewal of vows for Joe Pepitone.

Ever do a gay marriage?
RUDY: No. Hahaha. I do only legal weddings.

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Back and Forth