Countdown to Curtain

Photo: Jake Chessum

“I’ve seen other plays of mine performed before, but the audience was always full of my friends, who would like it because they’re my friends. So at the first night of previews for this show I was absolutely nervous. I sat in the back row watching the strangers in the audience and just trying to make myself really aware of what was going on. Because this is it: my Off Broadway debut. There’s no other first thing.

When I was given the schedule I was like, “That’s a lot of previews!” Now I wish we had a few more. I’m having a hard time letting go and freezing the show. But it belongs to the actors now. It’s kind of like watching a kid ride a bike without the training wheels. It’s like, “Yes! You’re doing it! You’re doing it!” And it’s really nice that I’m still in school and have homework that has nothing to do with this play. I’m reading a lot of Brecht, and I’m starting a new play for another class.

I want to get a massage to celebrate opening night. I’ve never gotten one before, and in my mind I’ve always thought that something spectacular has to happen to justify paying money for one. I totally feel like this is it.

Anderson’s play Inked Baby opens March 23.

As told to Lori Fradkin.

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Countdown to Curtain