100-Person Poll

Photo: Danny Kim

What disaster that might befall New York City do you worry about most?

Terrorist Attack: 50
Dirty Bomb:18
Earthquake: 5
Nuclear Accident: 5
Hurricane: 4
Tsunami: 3

Should the U.S. and other countries be aiding the Libyan rebels with air strikes?

Yes: 31
No: 63

Should the U.S. and other countries aid Libyan rebels with ground troops?

Yes: 28
No: 65

Would you support assassinating Colonel Qaddafi?

Yes: 28
No: 67

“Yes, but not by anyone who isn’t Libyan.”

Which country has the most nuclear reactors? Take a guess:

Japan: 15
Russia: 20
The U.S.: 47
France: 16

(The U.S., with 104 reactors, is correct. Japan has 55.)

Have you donated any money to Japan relief efforts?

Yes: 27
No, but I plan to: 48
I’m not going to give anything: 25

The smallest amount given was $5, the largest $200, and the average $45.

Did you make donations after …

The Asian tsunami: 21
The Chilean earthquake: 3
The flooding in Pakistan: 5
The Haitian earthquake: 47
Hurricane Katrina: 46

Are you worried about radiation drifting to this country?

No: 88
I am worried and have bought/will buy iodine pills: 7

Was it appropriate for President Obama to take time to fill out an NCAA bracket?

No, he should focus on more important issues: 20
Yes, cut the guy some slack: 75

Do you have a survival kit at home?

Yes: 18
No: 37
Not yet: 45

Governor Cuomo thinks the Indian Point nuclear plant should be shut down. Do you agree?

Yes: 50
No: 36

100-Person Poll