The Best Place to File Your Taxes…

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… If you are an Eskimo whaling captain:
Alaska, which allows you to write off $10,000 for boat expenses

… own an “exceptional tree”:
Hawaii, where you can write off $3,000 in related expenses

… are 100 years or older:
New Mexico, where income for the 100-plus is tax-exempt

… donate a dead animal carcass to charity:
South Carolina, which offers a $50 Venison for Charity Credit per carcass

… are training to be a witch:
The Netherlands, where the cost of a class can be deducted

… are a cereal manufacturer:
Canada, where you are tax-exempt if you include free kids’ toys with your products

… bribed somebody:
Germany, where you can deduct the amount of your bribes from your taxes, as long as you name names.

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The Best Place to File Your Taxes…