Don’t Mess With Senator Tina*

Photo: Nathaniel Brooks/New York Times/Redux

• Speaks Mandarin and French

13 Hours: The length of a marathon House session she left (to a standing ovation) the day before her second child was born.

Learned From Hillary: Hired Clintonista Howard Wolfson for her first congressional run (in 2006).

• Gained nickname “Tracey Flick” from some in Congress.

100: Rating with the ACLU (and the NRA)

• Co-sponsored bill to “encourage participation in hunting and fishing.”

• Her mother traditionally shot their thanksgiving turkey.

4:10:15: The best of her two times running the New York City Marathon (in 1992).

Kids’ Names: Theodore Ignatius, (b. 2004), after Teddy Roosevelt. Henry Nelson, (b. 2008), in honor of British admiral Horatio Nelson, who won the Battle of Trafalgar.

• Husband didn’t vote for her (he’s a British citizen).

How He Proposed: “I gave her a snowball with a ring in it, and she was about to throw it, and I screamed, ‘No!— open it up.’ ” “I did almost throw it at a squirrel,” she said.

4 Years: How long she represented Philip Morris as a lawyer.

$4,700,000 raised on her way to a blowout victory in 2008 over a wealthy GOP challenger.

Record: Voted with the Democrats 93.8% of the time (still, rated least liberal Dem rep from N.Y. in 2007).

• Her dad, Douglas Rutnik, was close to state GOP bigs, including Senator Al D’Amato and state party chief Bill Powers. He also dated Zenia Mucha, a top aide to George Pataki.

• She was an intern in D’Amato’s office during college at Dartmouth.

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Don’t Mess With Senator Tina*