Impeachment Fever!

Illustration by Gluekit

GOPers expecting to take the House are already calling for numerous Whitewater-esque investigations into the Obama administration. Meanwhile, according to Public Policy Polling, 35 percent of Republicans would like to see President Obama impeached based solely on “his actions so far.” Which actions, exactly? Well, there’s always something.

1. Sestakgate!
The White House offered Representative Joe Sestak a government gig to get him out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary. The most rabid proponents of digging into the affair: Sean Hannity (“An impeachable offense”), Glenn Beck (“An impeachable offense, a felony”), Dick Morris (“It’s Valerie Plame, only ten times bigger”).

2. Rezkogate!
Senate-era Obama fund-raiser Tony Rezko, a Chicago real-estate developer and convicted felon, was a recurring bête noire in the 2008 presidential campaign. The president hasn’t been accused of serious wrongdoing in the matter, but who knows what excuse for prosecution politically motived investigators will find? Monica Lewinsky turned up in a case that started with Arkansas real-estate deals.

3. Bordergate!
“Mr. Obama is a more serious threat to America than Al Qaeda,” because his failure to secure the southern border of the U.S. “constitutes an impeachable offense against the Constitution,” said former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo.

4. Birthgate!
“The president hasn’t resolved [the birth-certificate issue] yet … The fact of the matter is that he has an awful lot of power to keep from showing certain things unless the courts will stand up to him. Or unless Congress, in majority, will stand up—up to and including impeachment,” said Michigan congressional candidate Tim Walberg at a recent campaign appearance.

5. Health-Care Reformgate!
From a mailer sent out by the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, a project of the Conservative Caucus: “ObamaCare requires the states to pay for much of the program … [This] amounts to ‘commandeering’ the state legislatures for Federal purposes, which the Supreme Court has already ruled as unconstitutional  … ObamaCare will ultimately destroy freedom in America.”

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Impeachment Fever!