Lost in the Storm

Photo: Giovanni Savino

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, digital consultant Whitney Hess began collecting the names and stories of the storm’s casualties, posting them on her blog. New York reporters, helped by police sources, medical examiners, and emergency-management workers, expanded on her effort, producing the roster below last Thursday night. Victims whose names have not been released were not included; nor were those from Haiti and Canada. The list of fatalities is expected to change as investigators and relief crews continue their work. For further updates, visit Hess’s blog.

Lauren Abraham, 23, makeup artist, electrocuted,Richmond Hill.

Brian Bakunas, 34, mechanic, drowned, Milford, Conn.

Kenya Barber, 19, children’s-toy-store employee, and Mudiwa Benson, 19, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Newark, N.J.

Jack Baumler, 11, and Michael Robson, 13, middle-school students, hit by falling tree, North Salem.

Patricia Bevan, 59, drowned, Midland Beach.

Charlotte Brewster, 77, and David Haggarty, 65, cause of death unknown, Midland Beach.

Eugene Brooks, 42, construction-company owner, caught in landslide, Lincoln, N.H.

Dustin Brown, 22, warehouse clerk, auto accident, Kalida, Ohio.

Ann Bush, 82, committed suicide after tree fell on her home, Honesdale, Pa.

Donald Cannata Sr., 74, retired civil engineer, hit by falling tree, Pasadena, Md.

Jeffrey Chanin, 51, ex-NYPD, hit by falling tree, Pearl River.

Claudene Christian, 42, deckhand, died during rescue of sinking ship off North Carolina. (Captain Robin Walbridge, 63, remains missing.)

Patricia Cogar, 71, homemaker, cause of death unknown, Sugar Creek, W.Va.

Marie Colborne, 66, retired schoolteacher, and Walter Colborne, 89, retired auto-dealership owner, drowned, Great Kills.

Eugene Contrubis, 62, ex-NYPD, drowned, Midland Beach.

Jody Davis, 25,auto accident, Dobson, N.C.

Anne Marie Dolan, 57, hit by a falling tree, Commack.

Angela Dresch, 13, middle-school student, and George Dresch, 55, drowned, Tottenville.

Elizabeth Everett, 48, management consultant, and Richard Everett, 54, biotech senior vice-president, hit by falling tree, Mendham Township, N.J.

Rose Faggiano, 85, drowned, Old Howard Beach.

John Filipowicz Jr., 20, college student, and John Filipowicz Sr., 51, retired corrections officer, drowned, Oakwood Beach.

Fletcher Fish, 77, hit by falling tree, Hawthorne, N.J.

Michael Fleming, 80, fell, Bay Shore.

Keith Fordham, 52, and Michael Overton, 51, auto accident, Richmond, Va.

Thomas Frey, 44, self-employed landscaper, hit by a falling tree, Union Township, N.J.

Luther Fritzinger, 93, retired truck driver, hypothermia, Upper Macungie Township, Pa.

Anna Gesso, 62, utility-company employee, drowned, Dungan Hills.

Anita Giovinco, 88, fell, Beach Lake, Pa.

Joseph Godleski, 69, retired salesman, drowned, South Hackensack, N.J.

Rick Gold, 67, postal worker, drowned, Belle Harbor.

Tina Goodwin, 56, insurance agent, auto accident, York Township, Ohio.

David Gotthelf, 72, drowned, Rockaway Park.

William Hardenburg, 67, emergency-management coordinator, hit by car, Raritan Township, N.J.

Nanci Hedrick, 40, auto accident, Davis, W.Va.

Senpo Hua, 87, drowned, Coney Island.

Alice Hynes, 81, auto accident, Upper Turkeyfoot Township, Pa.

June Jones, 88, hypothermia, Crab Orchard, W.Va.

Charlene Jordan, 70, and Edwin Jordan, 74, retired Air Force mechanic, fire, Willingboro, N.J.

Nancy Sorensen, 50, lacerations, Rockaway Park.

Lester Kaplan, 73, lawyer, hypothermia, Brigantine, N.J.

Artur Kasprzak, 28, NYPD officer, drowned after saving his family, South Beach.

Tammy Kerosetz, 48, food-service manager, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Lower Macungie Township, Pa.

Richard Krins, 67, drowned, Gerritsen Beach.

Anthony Laino, 30, graduate student, hit by falling tree, East Flushing.

Bruce Latteri, 51, hit by falling tree, Jefferson, N.J.

Santiago Lopez, 50, tree-removal worker, hit by falling tree while clearing debris with his son, Broadneck, Md.

Nicholas Lourikas, 66, hit by falling tree, Hauppauge.

Bobby McDuffie, 47, farmers’-market employee, cause of death unknown, Newark, N.J.

William McKeon, 78, fell, Rockaway Park.

John Miller, 39, investment banker, hit by falling tree, Lloyd Harbor.

Robert Mills, Jr., 17, high-school student, ATV accident,Wind Gap, Pa.

Leonard Montalto, 53, postal worker, drowned, Oakwood Beach.

Brandon Moore, 2, and Connor Moore, 4, drowned after surge swept them from their mother’s arms, South Beach.

Vishwaja Muppa, 21, college student, auto accident, Port Jefferson.

Anthony Narh, 57, garage-maintenance worker, cause of death unknown, Tribeca.

Russell Neary, 55, reinsurance-company executive, hit by falling tree while returning from volunteer-firefighting call, Easton, Conn.

Tiago Neto, 54, auto accident, Greenburgh.

Ella Norris, 89, retired bank teller, drowned, Ocean Breeze.

George O’Regan, 79, ex-FDNY, fell, Shore Acres.

Jack Paterno, 65, drowned, Midland Beach.

Florence Pugliese, 90, carbon-monoxide poisoning, UpperMerion, Pa.

Olga Raymond, 90, hit by falling tree, Mansfield, Conn.

Rafael Reyes, 55, cause of death unknown, New Brunswick, N.J.

Doreen Richardson, 69, resort owner, auto accident, Kerhonkson.

Mark Riffle, 51, truck driver, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Arlington, W.Va.

Anastasia Rispoli, 73, and Beatrice Spagnola, 80, drowned, Midland Beach.

Lammert Roodhof, 66, truck driver, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Albrightsville, Pa.

John Rose Sr., 60, state-legislature candidate, hit by falling tree, Philippi, W.Va.

James Rossi, 85, retired longshoreman, drowned, Ocean Breeze.

Andrew Sammarco, 61, drowned, South Beach.

Theresa Schlitzer, 86, trucking-company co-owner, complications from hypothermia, South Whitehall Township, Pa.

Cy Schoenfeld, 72, drowned, Sheepshead Bay.

Safar Shafinoori, 84, hit by falling tree, Roslyn.

Lysje Slingerland, 88, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Delaware Township, N.J.

Matthew Stahl, 8, elementary-school student, hit by tree while checking on family calves, Franklin Township, Pa.

Eva Stapleford, 73, fall, and James Stapleford, 75, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Shokan.

George Stathis, 90, drowned, Rockaway Park.

Jessie Streich-Kest, 24, teacher, and Jacob Vogelman, 24, grad student, hit by falling tree, Ditmas Park.

Frank Suber, 55, drowned, financial district.

Henry Sullivan, 57, drowned, Belle Harbor.

William Sword, 61, investment banker, hit by falling tree, Princeton, N.J.

Eden Toussaint, 58, drowned, Far Rockaway.

Jerome Tyson Jr., 38, home remodeler, hit by falling tree, Lynn Township, Pa.

Robert Walsh, 65, retired firefighter, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Edison Township, N.J.

Dick Whitehead, 86, retired crane operator, carbon-monoxide poisoning, Spring Township, Pa.

Gerald Witman, 62, retired maintenance supervisor, hit by falling tree, Pike Township, Pa.

Edith Wright, 52, teacher’s aide, swept out to sea, Montauk.

Lost in the Storm