Mean Vegans

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When boxer Timothy Bradley fights Manny Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight title on June 9, he’ll be powered by a diet that eschews dairy, meat, and fish—because salmon have faces, too. Here, a roster of vegans you don’t want to tussle with.

Timothy Bradley
As a kid, he punched another kid in a wheelchair. In his native Palm Springs, a restaurant has named an $8 kale-and-spinach smoothie after him.

Georges Laraque
Ex-NHL Star
Sports Illustrated named him hockey’s top enforcer. Now protests the circus.

Mike Tyson
After gnawing, twice, on Evander Holyfield’s ears: “What am I supposed to do? I’ve got children to raise.” After going vegan in 2009: “I wish I was born this way … I wonder why I was crazy all those years.”

Mac Danzig
UFC Fighter
Moves include the “Rear Naked Choke.” Goes nuts for Trader Joe’s brown rice.

Bryan Danielson
WWE Wrestler
His signature holds include the “Cattle Mutilation,” but his weight belt is faux leather.

Russell Brand
Told a revered 78-year-old British actor he’d had sex with his granddaughter. “You shouldn’t eat animals,” he’s also said. “It’s mean to them.”

Megan McArdle
Business Writer
The Atlantic economics expert is staunch in her libertarian convictions but, despite digging the flavor of faux-chicken nuggets, is back to eating meat.

Rob Bigwood
Professional Arm Wrestler
Whups competitors in the 242-pound division and spends many Friday nights at Soy and Sake Village on Seventh Avenue.

Alec Baldwin
Proposed building a new Yankee Stadium at ground zero. Met fiancée Hilaria Thomas at vegan hot spot Pure Food and Wine.

Kicks people in the groin for pay. Soaks his own chia.

Bill Ford
Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Co.
As CEO, ran a company known for vicious infighting. Fired himself, hired an herbalist.

This story appeared in the July 11, 2012 issue of New York Magazine.

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Mean Vegans